Ivanka Trump Is More Beautiful By Plastic Surgery

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of American businessman Donald Trump and Czech model Ivana. She is a fashion model, and also a product designer of jewelry named her. She also was a judge on the successful TV show The Apprentice produced by the Trump Organization. Ivanka got Economic degree at Georgetown University and University of Pennsylvania. Now, she works in her father’s company as an Executive Vice President.

What cosmetic enhancement did Ivanka get? People notice the changes of her boobs size and nose or chin. People believe that Ivanka has done something for them like nose job and breast enhancement so as to repair crooked nose and small boobs. So is it true? The rumor is still unanswered because she hasn’t confirmed about it.

Her before and after photos has made it more clear for the rumor. Before she got pregnant, there was a substantial increase in her bust line as she went from an A-cup to a D-cup.

Her mini boobs have turned into giant ones which may be resulted from breast enhancement. It is supposed that this procedure is little too much for her body size and makes her appear disproportionate. Her A-cup size fits her naturally, and in case she’d like to have augmentation, then a B or B-C cup size would have suited her much better. But talking about this, her brother, Donald Jr., refused these rumors and stated that everything was real: “She is100% real.”

Photos also show public that her nose has reformed. Her high bridge now is much slimmer and protrudes more. Besides, it is straighter and higher than before while the tip seems raised. The tip of the nose is more pointed coming from a smaller nasal board.

People think that her surgical procedures are good. She is naturally beautiful and becomes more attractive now. The result is great and helps to enhance her beauty. Ivanka Trump may be aware of her celebrity status, so she tries to perform her best look.

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