Incredible images of the new living Barbie doll in Ukraine Real: Photoshop or plastic surgery?

It seems like the cosmetic surgery and makeup trends like dolls are made up of a craze as more real versions of Barbie – the beautiful doll. Recently, many Ukraine newspapers has simultaneously reported about a series of disturbing phenomenon of social networking sites YK (a popular social network in Europe), there is a girl nicknamed Lolita Her odd appearance might be a product of the plastic surgery technology or Photoshop. Some European website said that she had minimal intervention in some parts of the body such as the lips, ribs cutting, breast implants, alas cutting off…

Richi. Richi Lolita was born in 1998. Now she was 17 years old and looks identical a Barbie doll, from face, hair to body ratios. If compared with Valeria Lukyanova, the most famous living doll in the world, Lolita Richi even has more ‘unimaginable’ bizarre body and the lifeless face like wax. Lolita Richi insisted that she has the best doll-like beauty in the world in spite of being just 16 years old. She has the same body and face as the most popular girl’s toy. Her waist size is 20 inch, a 32F breast size and only 5 ft. 4 inches tall so she cannot become a supermodel. As can we see, her boobs are oversized while the legs are too slender that many people wonder how she can stand balanced.

Lolita Richi said that her enormous breasts are natural but she sometimes has worn a push-up bra to enhance them. Also, she has had a beautiful physique so she does not have to diet. Everything she had to do is borrow her mother wigs. ‘I feel comfortable and confident in my appearance. There are many women who want to look like this”.

Although she tried to speak out that she does have any cosmetic procedures or Photoshop but, in closer looks, we can see that her eyelashes look like they are drawn on Microsoft Word Paint program. The only reason led everybody believe she may really be 15 is because of how naive she is to think people would believe this. She illustrated that her mother took pictures for her, so have you ever wonder whether if this is another case of a pageant mom who’s orchestrating all this or not?

But she still wanted to be famous and she also wore contact lenses to have the wide-eyed doll effect. Lolita said that her doll looks were achieved without cosmetic surgeries or any Photoshop methods. Therefore, she has had thousands of followers on social media network VK. Lolita Richi wanted to be her own inspiration. ‘If a girl does not have beautiful eyes then they can use contact lenses or if they have a broken nose, they can fix it, whether plastic surgery or not’, Lolita revealed. In a conversation with a magazine, Lolita Richi shared, to keep the standard body like this, every day, she ‘meditated to put her soul traveling around the gym and then walking with her best friend’.

The case of Lolita Richi reminded people of the famous journey of living doll Valeria Lukyanova. Her monstrous image is what inspires the public interest to learn about her mysterious and unusual of the living doll. If in accordance with this formula, definitely in a short time after the storm caused by a series of bizarre images, the true identity of Richi Lolita would be revealed. Although the image of Lolita Richi is rampant on many websites but there is little information about this special girl. Lolita Richi’s personal information posted on personal pages just helps people know her from Keiv, the capital of Ukraine and currently being a student. Richi Lolita’s hobbies are very different from the other people, she expressed an interest in the occult arts and magic.

As can we see, her boobs are oversized while the legs are too slender that many people wonder how she can stand balanced?

Doll is a symbol of perfection, but whether the living dolls are perfect or not?

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