How did Kathy Griffin change by plastic surgery?

Kathy Griffin is coming to Vegas. Not only does her current tour bring her newest stand-up to Orlando’s Bob Carr Center and Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall but she is preparing for a healthy dose of spiritual reflection.

If you’ve seen her shows or have read her book she’s mentioned getting it a bunch of times. She has gotten 2 nose jobs and liposuction too. She tells a story about how and when she got her first nose job when she woke up from the meds right when they broke her nose and she said it really hurt. It happened since she was just 26 years old.


She had orthodontics and eyebrow tattoo … She got botox to shape her unbalanced eyebrows and to deleted her wrinkles.  She couldn’t raise her eyebrows to the full. We got anxious when we were watching it.

Those mini wrinkles she had before just gave her personality. She doesn’t need botox. She will always be beautiful, also when she get’s older. Get the reality, you can’t stay 20 for all your life. Anyways, as long as the one administering botox injection has underwent professional botox training, she can be assured of a safe and effective treatment.


Have you seen any wrinkle? The biggest change is liposuction that from then on, she became skinny. However, the actress said that she has never regretted going to get cosmetic face on her desired.


Over the years, Kathy Griffin has repeatedly undergone plastic surgery, from liposuction to rhinoplasty, breast augmentation… to improve Kathy Griffin’s beauty and hold her youth. However, around the cosmetic surgeries of this comedian, a reputable news sources say that she has fallen into danger for her live after liposuction. 


After seeing those pictures, do you think she’s still beautiful and even that surgeries make her more beautiful than before? Not accurate, ugliest plastic surgery recipient, a bit more accurate… Sometimes surgery still won’t help, now if they could perform surgery on her personality, there they would succeed, because can’t get any worse. Why can’t people just be comfortable with their own skin, accept the way they look and the beauty that their parents gave them?

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