Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

Han Chae Young is popularly known as a Korean actress. She also has a very attractive, cute and beautiful face. She is loved by a lot of people and fans. You might know her well in a popular drama in 2005s “Sassy Girl Chun Hyang”.

Surprisingly, Han Chae Young looked different today. Many people noticed that the changes were caused by plastic surgery. Not long after that, she even told the media that she had gone under double eyelid surgery. Moreover, the shape of her nose looked having a  nice cut through plastic surgery as well.

Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

Double Eyelid Surgery

doing double eyelid surgery in Korea is no longer rare thing. Many Korean stars got double eyelid surgery and reshaped their eyes. Sandara Park, IU, Lee Hyori are some of them. Han Chae Young looked having this procedure a well. Now her eyes looked more open and fresh.If you take a look at the before and after picture intensively, there you will realize that her eyes had changed.

Nose Job

The second procedure was nose job (medically it’s called rhinoplasty). The indication of nose job was quite obvious. If we compare her previous nose and the new one, you can see that the bridge of the nose looked narrower and the tip also got smaller shape.

Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery

talking about her current appearance, many people put a lot of comments pros and cons. Some of them claimed that she looked better without surgery, and some others think that she looked more beautiful. What do you have in mind? Which appearance of her do you prefer?

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