Halle Berry and her plastic procedures

Oaps, Halle Berry looks so beautiful. Her images in Cloud Atlas film have made deep impression in audience’s mind. Berry was born on August 14, 1966. The public know Halle Berry  as one of the most attractive actress and fashion model of Hollywood celebrities.

Many people have expressed that they can’t believe that Halle Berry hadn’t any part on her body done by plastic surgery. They have suspected Halle Berry had a nose job. Is it true? Actually, nose jobs are one of the most common kinds of plastic surgery which are chosen, because their procedures are simple but bring effective results. The people, who have nose jobs looks more prominent, even can alter their appearance.

Therefore, the rumors of Halle Berry’s nose job may be true. Especially, her life is always target of paparazzi camera and public’s eyes. If we make some comparison the before and after pictures of Halle Berry, we can easily notice differences of her from time to time. The time pasts, it’s seemed to be that Halle Berry is more and more fascinated.

Looking at Halle Berry’s before pictures, her nose in the past looked short and wide. But Halle’s current nose looks thinner and no more bulb-shaped on the tip of nose. Her nose is really definitely changed. It’s undeniable that Halle Berry had a nose job. Besides the rumor of nose job, Halle Berry had ever accused for having breast implant, liposuction, boxtox injections. However, Halle Berry refused all of these rumors.

We can sure that how much percentage the rumor is true until having clear statement from Halle. However, the beautiful appearance and talent of Halle Berry make us admire.

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