Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ha Ji won is one of the best actresses in Korea. One of the popular Drama she starred on was the Secret Garden. You might know it well. In this fantasy drama, she played along side Hyun Bin.

Due to the plastic surgery users are quite high in Korea, Ha Ji Won can’t avoid this as well. And this case is not a new thing for many chatters. It has been discussed in many forums with Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery as the thread. Some of you might wonder what she had done for her appearance.

Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery

The 35 years old actress had gone under some procedures including jaw surgery, double eyelid surgery and nose job. Another speculation spread also told a breast implants possibility.

Double eyelid surgery

This procedure is not truly shocking in Korea. Most celebrities had done this. they made the narrow eyes become bigger. Surprisingly most of the procedures were done brilliantly. It looked so natural. therefore, you need to compare between the before and after picture to know it. Ha Ji Won might do it as well. When she was younger (see the picture), Ha ji Won looked having narrower eyes. But her current appearance, the shape looked so pretty and bigger. This is a double eyelid surgery work.

Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nose Job

The second procedure that she clearly got was the nose job. Her nose is nicely reshaped. It had turned into a narrower nose. The rhinoplasty is also popular among the Korean plastic surgery cases. her new nose looked nice and match for her face.

Jaw surgery

Now, take a look at the shape of her face. Compare ti the previous one, her current face looked having smaller jaw. It change the shape to a more oval face. It reminded us to Park Min Young’s excellent transformation.

Ha Ji won Breast Implants

Those are some visible signs of plastic surgery on her face. Besides, she was also said having breast implants to make her breast bigger and more attractive. did you see it?

Talking about the new Ha Ji Won, many people are so impressed. And they love her too. She is one of the most gorgeous and talented actress ever in Korea. How do you see Ha Ji Won’s new look? Share on the comment box

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