Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After

Frances Bean Cobain is a female rock star. The name “Cobain” was taken from the Late Kurt Cobain, his father. She is a very talented starlet. Frances’ name recently became nice topic in several forum. It’s not only about her career as a rock star, but it’s about her appearance. She looked so different now.

The people noticed that Frances might get some enhancements for her body and look. From the pictures, before and after, there are some possible plastic surgeries done. They are Nose Job, Chin Implants, Lip Fillers and Breast Augmentation. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer commented that he agreed about the rumor about the chin implants and lip augmentation.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Nose job
The rock lady might have a nose job and refine the shape. It was seen obviously from the shape. It looked narrower now. the rhinoplasty had reshaped the bridge become thinner. the result of the nose looked nice. Her new nose strengthen a mature image for herself

Chin Implants
this kind of procedures is not too popular among the celebrities, unlike the nose job. But, Frances seems doing this procedures few years ago. Compared to her previous look in the before picture, her current chin looked more pointed. It reshaped her face to be more oval.

Lip injection

the usage of filler was clearly seen from her lips. Today, her current lips looked fuller than before. Some people questioned about it. Like the nose job, she might be inspired to create a more mature image by making her lips fuller.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic surgery, Breast Implants

Breast augmentation
another enhancement that Frances got was the breast implants. This kind of procedures is quite popular among the celebrities. Many of them tried to increase the volume of their breast. From the change of the breast size. it seems Frances was inspired too.

Seeing from her current appearance, the 22 years old singer looked very inspired to refine her look as a more mature woman. However, some people think that it’s too early for her to get enhancement. Frances had rebuilt her appearance from cute girl to be a stronger and mature woman.

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