Eiza gonzalez plastic surgery

The Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez is becoming a well-known name in Hollywood because she is being suspected of “third one” that lead to the canceled engagement of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. Some people guess that Eiza Gonzalez’s fashionable style, sweet and feminine looks of Eliza’s “new breeze” that make Liam has feeling after tired because of his intense and rebellious fiance. However, many fans, including fans of Miley Cyrus, have criticized the beautiful actress that she was a cosmetic surgery addict. Under pressure from public opinion, Eiza Gonzalez admitted she had undergone surgery with nose and that’s it. However, the premier plastic surgeon in Hollywood says Eiza has sharp her face more than that.

Since Eiza Gonzalez is being revealed that the new fiance of Liam Hemsworth, she is much interested. Many compliments Eiza are having a slender physique and beautiful face. But when looking at the old photographs taken by 23-year-old star, her new beauty found thanks to cutlery. One person wrote on Twitter: “At least Miley has natural beauty, unlike Eiza Gonzalez, she seems to be born out in the office of cosmetic surgeon! Eiza Gonzalez addicted to plastic surgery like a fat people addicted to hot dog sandwich.”

Before that, Eiza was not afraid to admit she had plastic surgery, but just the nose. However, in the past, people also found that not only Eiza had nose job but also her thin face now is different from the previous round face, cheekbones are higher, clearly pointed chin. Her jaw is wider. Eiza’s cheeks are certainly injected Botox to look longer and more elegant. Part eyelids and lips are also injected in order to thicker. Eiza chin is pointed and padded trim to add to the long face.

When comparing two images of Eiza at 16 and 23 years old, experts quickly realized she was paring the face, chin implants, Botox injections to lift the cheek. Eiza eyelids are also intervened to look clearer. Eiza lips before is quite thick and full. But now, it is not what it used to be and having much change.

“With a face like the whole fakes, Miley believes that it will bring a lot of trouble to Eiza with Liam’s family, because Liam’s parents do not like plastic surgery. Maybe Liam will not break up just because Eiza had cosmetic surgery, but this weakness of Eiza makes Miley felt more relieved, “a friend of Miley says.

A fair sentence is that the slim face of Eiza somewhat different in these pictures may be due to cosmetic surgery but may also be due to weight loss as well as in combination with facial exercises help hunt sure and facial contouring. Obviously Eiza Gonzalez was so beautiful then cosmetic surgery is reprehensible. Looking at the image above, you can see that Eiza had having nose job and paring her face but she admitted she had nose job, so there is no reason to deny the trim surface at all. It is also because of losing weight with the new make-up styles but can also because of cosmetic surgery but they have their rights, the fans should calm down and stop scrutiny and attention to her.

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