Divergent Star, Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

You might enjoy how Ashley Judd played her role as Natalie Prior in her latest movie in 2014 “Divergent”. Don’t you know that the 47 years old actress was also reported having plastic surgery? The thread of Ashley Judd plastic surgery became popular in the early of 2012. At that moment, Ashley’s face changed in puffier cheek. It was said as the plastic surgery result. Radaronline even reported it with a title “From Pretty to Puffy”. This news is still debatable. For, Ashley had denied the speculation. As reported by Hollywoodlife in April, she said that she didn’t do any plastic surgery. The change on her face was caused by the weight gain.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before and After

This controversial news even invited comment from the expert. Dr. Anthony Youn told radar. He noticed that Ashley got filers injection on her cheek. However, he didn’t get the best look. The doctor also stated that Ashley used to have a  cute cheek for the industry, but it had turned to puffy look.

Furher, Dr. Youn also believed that Ashly Judd got botox injection on her forehead. The procedure made her face free from wrinkles.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

Considering from the Dr. Youn’s opinion, it seems the the doctor’s comment is more reasonable. We believed that she still uses the botox injection regularly till now. Her face said it so with no word. You can see how she look like now (2015). The puffy cheek has lost. She appeared too smooth for  natural look. What do you have in mind about Ashley Judd plastic surgery? or you might have different idea? Leave the comment in the available box then,

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