Did Paris Hilton have plastic sugery or nose job ?

The heiress – Paris Hilton, 32, has been dating her boyfriend – model River, 21, for eight months but sees it all moving to the ‘happy ending’. River has called Paris his ‘future wife’ and when someone asked her, “It could happen soon… I trust him with my life and that means the world to me more than anything”, she said. Paris Hilton says she’s planning to marry her boyfriend  River Viiperi and the wedding could be this year.

‘I’m staying out of trouble. I have grown up”, Paris explained. “I think that’s the meaning of life to have kids and have a family one day. I am so in love. I feel so lucky to have met him. He’s one of the kindest, most loyal men I’ve ever met in my entire life, and he treats me like a princess.”

She says her boyfriend is so handsome and kind, her partner says like that too. But guys, let’s think, could you marry a girl with a lot of scandals, parties, men … even thought surgeries like this ?

Upgrading aesthetic beauty is nothing too strange for the beauties of the showbiz world. Despite owning a compact, straight nose is always the desire of the girls today, although it was really difficult because not any face can always fit the same nose. Paris Hilton is a typical example.

If you look at the picture, you can guess that Paris Hilton may be got a nose job. You will see that her nose is little higher. She already seem to had good features. Maybe she lost weight and probably did rhinoplasty and small changes here and there, and it’s too drastic that totally altered her faces. Paris Hilton’s nose is completely different, slimmed on the sides as all the celebrities do. Also she has had her jaw sculpted. People naturally change but noses do not dramatically change shape or course many of them have photoshop done…

Not only that, make thick and succulent lips made her slightly spread out like a clumsy duck rather than a new version of Angelina Jolie. Not to mention the excessive chest like using push-up bras of Paris.

However, still not sure what the new situation of Paris and his boyfriend will form strong glue because she still is rather famous lovers such as changing clothes. With any relationship, Paris also revealed that she is in love and wants amorously to the ends of the earth with that guy. However, only about one or two years of dating, the star of the American reality television were suddenly ended the relationship. Paris has solid long list of guys who are very hot and charming as Cy Waits, Doug Reinhardt, Benji Madden, Josh Henderson, Stavros Niarchos III, Nick Carter and Rick Solomon.

Paris Hilton reveals that she wants to marry River Viiperi and get pregnant soon !

What’s surgery? This is just age, makeup, lighting differences. Maybe botox and a facelift but nothing’s so serious. They can do everything they want. They are celebrities and it’s not make sense !

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