Claire Leeson plastic surgery

Claire Leeson is the imperfect replica of Kim Kardashian

The stories about famous stars were ‘copied’ through plastic surgery have become very common things. Claire Leeson has recently appeared on TV show ‘This Morning’ on ITV channel (UK) and said that she had spent nearly $ 30,000 to look like Kim Kardashian. Claire Leeson admired the beauty of Kim and decided to have plastic surgery to have the face and the body just like Kim. After Claire Leeson plastic surgery, she truly looks like Kim Kardashian.

Claire Leeson has had breast augmentation, chin implants, teeth whitening, hair extensions, dyed leather, as well as buying more clothes, makeup and bum padding for the butts to be a perfect copy of Kim Kardashian.

The plastic surgery idea started in 2009, when she first saw the reality TV show of the Kardashian – ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. Leeson said, in the past, she had been bullied and called ‘the ugliest thing alive’. ‘Every day when I heard those words kind of the worst people on the Earth, and I should die. When I graduated, one of my friends said that I familiar to Kim. Then I watched Kim Kardashians’ show and recognize similarities between me and her. I thought she is really beautiful and I wanted to be like that’.

Claire Leeson said she had printed the pictures of Kim and told the esthetician that she wants to be like that. In addition to plastic surgeries, she also spent thousands of dollars on skin care, hair, clothes, makeup … Particularly, to achieve the big butts as Kim, Claire often wore padded silicone to the buttocks to have butts like Kim Kardashian. However, according to the most recently report, thanks to Claire Leeson plastic surgery (a butt augmentation), she becomes the finest replica of Kim because Kim has an oversized butt characteristic like that.

This beauty explained, she was obsessed with Kim Kardashian so the next destination which Claire Leeson has to be achieved is breast implants. Just after a breast surgery, her boobs were transferred from A cup to D cup clearly. Claire Leeson and her surgeon decided on 600cc cohesive gel implants. After all, it is a full unnatural D cup. According to the feedbacks, Claire Leeson’s boobs were a little bit bigger than Kim’s.

Because of the round face so Claire Leeson has had chin implant to hope that her face would be longer. Did not know how much money has she spent on her chin and how many times has her chin undergone surgeries but gradually, Claire Leeson’s chin have a tendency to longer gradually and somewhat distorted.

‘I feel like no one can stop my desire to be like Kim. I can do something for myself. I felt confident enough to love myself more’, Claire said. After having satisfactory images, Claire often photographed and posted on the social network, causing her to be well known. However, to achieve the desires, she also paid a huge price – literally. The girl said she was awash in debt despite the decent job. ‘My salary was not paid enough for debts I have. I told them I would pay just when I have money’. Although her family was very worried and her debt is increasing, but Leeson said she has no plan to stop the surgeries right now.

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