Christina Aguilera before and after plastic surgery

Christina Maria Aguilera has welcomed her 33rd birthday party on 18th December. Christina is a pop singer, a musician and an American actor. She also referred to as Xtina and Baby Jane. The singer, talented actress Christina Aguilera first appeared on television in 1990 and became a famous star in 1999. Then she rose and dropped her ongoing weight, depending on her schedules and work requirements. Christina Aguilera is believed to have breast implants, rhinoplasty, collagen lip injection and liposuction.

After repeatedly insisted firmly, “I don’t have surgery at all” when face of the question of people about her increase suddenly breast, Christina Aguilera has conducted the breast pump is no longer in doubt. The doubt stems from a photograph in promotional events film “Burlesque” in Japan. Aguilera has been buffeted and humiliate when exposing a surgical scar under her right arm in the movie takes place in Tokyo in December 2010. In this picture, we can see a very clearly long scar up close at the end of the arm because Christina was wearing an arm wide open dress.

Suspect basis other than when a photo was taken on 6th May 2009 shows that there isn’t any Christina Aguilera’s armpit scar. That means new scars appeared in recent times. The marriage and the baby had made her tiny body changes a lot, including the breast. And the “spectacular change” in such a short time like this has raised speculations of those who care about her.

Cosmetic surgeons also believe that before pumping her chest, Christina Aguilera had a nose job. Do not just stop at the “revised” the breast, Aguilera still find aesthetic physicians to complete her nose. Compare the two images of her we can easily see her nose was beautiful today than when she was young, peeling off her nose to a thinner nose and also smoother.

In addition, the curious eyes showed evidences that Christina was applied collagen into her lips. Aguilera always be the one who “inspired” by her plumper natural lips than usual. Many people believe that Aguilera underwent lip injections to achieve this effect.

It can be easily noticed in late 2007 when Xtina is pregnant, her body looks like a “mobile bread”. Just a short time after giving birth, her shape had a considerably slim. A big doubt again a rises, Aguilera had to undergo a liposuction and skin firming body to get a balance body like that.

However, lately, it seems the talented singer unbridled her diet exercise. Xtina looks like an “old mother” with the body and wrinkles oversized lumpy legs or maybe this is the result of the abuse of process technology aesthetic throughout a long period of time, the body of Xtina increasingly fertile and ugly.

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