Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery Rumor was Denied

Plastic surgery has become a thing in many people’s life, especially celebrities. Some of them decided to keep it in secret or denied the speculation and some others loved sharing their experience through this. Cheryl Burke is a professional dancer who became a hot thread due to plastic surgery rumor. Was it true?

Cheryl was made dizzy by many people last year due to her appearance. The professional dancer was said having plastic surgery in order to make her skinny body frame. Talking about the speculation, the 30 years old dancer told media about the truth.

Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Cheryl had denied all the rumors about her and plastic surgery. She claimed that she didn’t do any surgery on her body. She got her skinny body after having a lot of exercises and a healthier lifestyle. She can’t hide her shocked feeling after hearing this rumor.

Further, Cheryl Burke also responded about the lip injection speculation. Publicly, she explained that she had already got full lips since she was a kid. She even remember how some people bullied her due to having full lips at that time.

Talking about her body figure, she was earlier targeted by a media about her weight. That’s why she then decided to keep her body look better and did exercises. She ever told that she lost 25 pounds of weight (weight loss). But after having skinny look, she was targeted again for plastic surgery possibility. Further, the people also noticed that her current nose looked slimmer than before. Could it be a nose job?

Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery Rumor was Denied

Fortunately, some people can understand her feeling. And she now can stay stronger no matter what the other people said.

What do you have in mind about Cheryl Burke Plastic surgery case? Did you see her nose shape as a nose job work?

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