Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery Before and After

Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery Before and After

Charlize Theron is a populae and beautiful actress. She appeared in many successful movies. Some of movies she starred in included “Snow White and the Huntsman”, “Mighty Joe Young”, and her recent movie, “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Now, she has been 34 years old. She still looks attractive and hot.

Talking about her current age and appearance, some people thought that Charlize Theron may get some beauty enhancements. It was seen from the before and after picture. The thread of Charlize Theron plastic surgery had already been discussed since few years ago. But it was still warm in forums. What kinds of procedure that she possibly got? Based on the news, Charilze may get her nose done through rhinoplasty. And she may get other procedures to keep her youthful look.

Charlize Theron Nose Job

The nose job (rhinoplasty) is so popular among the celebrities. Katie Holmes, another beautiful actress also did a nose job (read more about Katie Holmes plastic surgery). If you take pay attention on the nose change, you will realize it. Her current nose looked different from before. The new nose looked having slimmer bridge. The tip and the cartilage of the nose has been reconstructed with rhinoplasty.

Charlize Theron Nose Job

Her decision to get a nose job invited various comments from the public. Some people commented that her previous nose looked better despite Charlize Theron nose job was done well.

Beside reconstructing the shape of the nose, she may get other enhancements to keep her face fresh.  She may enjoy the effect of botox and some fillers injection too. The sign of botox was seen on her smooth forehead. She got no winkles and lines on her face. The use of botox itself is no longer new thing. Many popular people had done this thing. They even combined the botox with a major work like facelift. But we didn’t see a facelift on Charlize’s face.

While, the fillers like juvederm or restylane may have been used on her lips and cheek. Those areas looked fuller then she used to have. Leave your comment about Charlize Theron plastic surgery then.

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