Celebrities and double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery is very popular in Asian countries. Many celebrites have got double eyelid surgery to improve their appearance.
Double eyelid surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery where the skin around the eye is reshaped.  The purpose of the procedure is to create an upper eyelid with a crease from an eyelid that is naturally without a crease. Approximately half of all Asian people are born with an upper eyelid crease. There are also many Asians born with a very low or weak crease who seek double eyelid surgery to make their eyes appear “bigger.” For many actresses and actors who want to add sparkle and brilliance to their eyes in front of the camera, they have undergone some sort of double eyelid surgery procedures. The star’s photos below are said that they got it. Take a look and decide if it’s great make-up or  double eyelid surgery.

Celebrities and double eyelid surgery

Japanese gravure idol (AKA bikini model), “Yuko Ogura“, who is known for her cute, lolita-style of  an image. It appears she has had double-eyelid surgery, nose surgery, and mole removal. As you can see, her eyes is now bigger than before a lot.

Kara member Goo Hara‘s picture from the past has been revealed drawing attention. It appears to have been taken right after double eyelid surgery was posted tagged ‘Goo Hara’s shocking selca’.The picture seems to show Goo Hara’s face still swollen from the surgery. 

You have probably always admired Bobby’s eyes twinkling in merriment on TV. Please don’t be distracted by Bobby’s 80’s rocker image. If you look closely at the more recent photos, you will see a marked crease in his eyes not previously there. It is said that he got double eyelid surgery and quite good.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is one of China’s most beautiful and successful actresses. But how far would the star have come without a little help from plastic surgery? Fan Bingbing looks to have had double eyelid surgery, resulting in larger-looking more rounded eyes, without the hoods above and below. Do you think so?

Na-Eun is a sub-vocalist girl group A Pink. She’s pretty cute as a kid, but she’s definitely gotten some work done on her eyes. It could be double eyelid surgery. this procedure could be the reason why she looked having bigger eyes today. Her eyes now have looked beautiful and attractive than before.

There are still other celebrities have got double eyelid surgery. All of them really want to become prettier and stay fame in entertainment. Who are they? We continue to give you next time. And if you know someone, let talk for us.

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