Carmen Campuzano nose job before and after

Carmen Campuzano is a model and is also known as an event organizer and a master of ceremony. Carmen was not born in a land of peace and grew up with many miserable events and being popular after her horrible nose job which made her career stopped abruptly. Carmen Campuzano did not awake yet but still going to the doctor to have a plastic nose job. But there is still a little alcohol and cocaine in her mind but she still did the surgery and the consequences are an extremely bad nose job.

Carmen had abused drugs and alcohol and turned her into a serious addiction. In panic attacks, alcohol and drug dreamy, she has been ran over by a taxi, her severed fingers, broken arms so badly that should be corrected. She was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed as signs of mental illness, and suicidal intention then was considered deprived of her parental rights. Many people often wonder why a bad nose like that it can be considered completed? Some others explained it was probably due to the heavy cocaine addiction, a positive cosmetic surgeon and bad bacteria that have destroyed the nose. All factors have contributed to the destruction of the nose.

As you can see, Carmen Campuzano had a big nose in 1999 but then her nose has been cut just about a half. Specifically, the surgeon made a small tip section than before, this is true. But then they were wrong when continuing to do little more discrete sides of her nose. Too much flesh part was removed but no part of the structure inside the nose to prop up the collapsed nose. And even worse than a broken nose. Then, the surgeon has done many times more different surgeries to restructure, repair and improve the nose more but so far without success. Not only that, Carmen Campuzano met quite a lot of trouble because of infection, fluid and the blood flow in the nose and sinuses are now in jeopardy and may requires much more surgeries. By 2011, Carmen Campuzano has undergone a surgery for serious infections caused by bacteria and eaten parts of this infection had spread to other parts of the face.

Nose job can bring countless unforeseen complications. Unfortunately, after burning two sides of her nose, her nose was badly damaged, she had to appear with a disfigured face, rebuilding efforts has been made but has not been able to bring a natural look and the inherent function of the nose. More horrible is the more likely she will have to remove your nose and wears a prosthetic nose. Do not ever consign beauty and all your life to the hands of cosmetic surgeons whether they have the famous and talented if you do not want to be a Michael Jackson II.

Carmen Campuzano has described a lesson that many people have seen but ignored: cosmetic surgery never brings permanent beauty. It is only a temporary method and very unpredictable consequences. There were so many people regret for plastic surgery abuse and see it as a part of their life but in the end, it turned back and betray them. That’s how plastic surgery works.

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