Britney Spears breast lift or natural boob

Britney Spears has a lof of rumors about breast lift but she have never admitted it. Now look at her photos through many times to answer whether she did breast lift or not.

It was reported that Britney Spears did indeed get breast lift as a teen (with her mother’s consent), but had them later removed and replaced them with smaller-sized implants. This rumor surfaced after pictures showed the pregnant mother with noticeably smaller implants than previous photos. The singer has always denied her first set of implants, though former breast-implanted Sally Kirkland (who has since removed her implants) claimed in 2005 that she knows Britney’s surgeon. Sally reportedly said, “I happen to know Britney Spears’ breast-implant doctor, and I just hope she does not breastfeed. Because if she does, she could give her baby so many future health problems.“

Britney Spears breast lift or natural boob

According to source reports to the Daily Star, Britney is considering plastic surgery to improve the symmetry of her breasts, claiming she feels they are lopsided after the births of her two children.Whether the Star’s sources are correct or not, breast unevenness is a popular concern among women, especially in entertainment industry. A beautiful breast makes woman became more beautiful.

OcBody plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia says Britney could undergo a breast lift procedure to correct her droopy nipples. He says, ” Well she has had a few children and likely breast fed. Her nipples have migrated south a bit. This is pretty common. She would likely benefit from a breast lift operation.”

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Well, it’s not easy to get this look.  Either she needed a breast lift, but only opted to get a Breast Augmentation leaving her nipples in their low position.  Or possibly, after having children her breast skin didn’t bounce back to the original position and it was left sagging over her implants.  Either way, she needs a breast lift to get her nipples pointing in the right direction and possibly lower her implants so her nipples are more centered.” Britney has a long history of having breast lift in and out, check out her photos before and after to know how her change has been:

Britney spears, a school girl 

When she start to become a pop star

  Oct, 2001- MTV Music Awards 

Before and after starting her “Circus tour”

As you can see, her boob changes alot. It was small and somtimes, it was too big. It seems that Britney can’t decide about the size of her breasts. To have multiple breast lift and breast reductions isn’t the healthiest choice… She should definitely work on how to build her self-esteem and confidence with a psychologist instead of going under the knife again and again…

 What do you think of the photos? Whether Britney Spears get breast implants or only lose weigh?

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