Breast augmentation: Tila Tequila is wrong?

Tila Tequila, a Singaporean-born American model, is very famous for appearance in the men’s magazines like Playboy, Penthouse and also in her MTV reality dating show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila”.

Tila Tequila often appears at many events with her really sexy breasts. It is quite obvious that she had implants because of the roundness of them. She also admitted to getting cosmetic surgery for her breasts in an interview. However, it would be good if she stopped and didn’t decide to get bigger breast then. They look quite silly on her little body when she is only 4′ 11″ tall.

Like many models, Tila Tequila had breast implants when she first started modeling, around at the age of 18. Tila Tequila went for a large B-cup which was really nice-looking. You can see this clearly in the photo:

Tila Tequila disappeared a bit after completing the second and final final season of “A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila.” She perhaps used the free time to get another breast enlargement.

Tila Tequila may be had breast implants which were perfectly fit her small body. But after that, her boobs look round with bigger size and rigid unnatural. These new D-cup boobs are actually not ideal for her tiny body.

Many females possessing small breasts want to get large implants firstly with an average size and a few years later they use silicon bigger. The reason for this is to avoid a stretch of the skin caused by stretch marks. However, Tilla would be much more nice and nature if she kept her first silicones.

Moreover, it’s not the end when she has been adding to her list of plastic surgeries. Looking at the following photo, you will see that she might reconstruct her face. Her lips seem to be plumped up and her jawline appears quite different.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist said that Tila Tequila might have had filler in her lips which looked pouty in some photos; she possibly got Botox because she didn’t show any major signs of aging, she was still young.

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