Black celebrity plastic surgery: Rihanna

Black celebrity plastic surgery – Rihanna has shown many her differences before and after. Rihanna overcame a impressive black celebrity plastic surgery.

The black celebrity plastic surgery give Rihanna a stunning appearance now. There is no hiding place! Focusing on her nose and breast,  you could easily realize her great change. Rihanna plastic surgery has added extra beauty to  beautiful world class musician.

Black celebrity plastic surgery: Rihanna

This pop singer has many fans all over the world – she has sold more than 20 million albums to this day and she continues to create beautiful music. When a woman is not only extremely famous but also very beautiful, people automatically start creating various speculations about her possible plastic surgery. There is a saying in the music industry and Hollywood that as an African American black celebrity if you have not gotten your nose done, you are not yet successful. This Barbados born singer definitely took notice to the popular saying. The black celebrity plastic surgery works were uncalled for because she was already a natural beauty! At least we can’t label her plastic surgery procedures a disaster.

Rihanna nose job may not be an issue but when you take a look on her photos of the before and after, you will see how significant the difference that the nose job has gotten for her. The black celebrity plastic surgery photos shows that the nose reshaped. Rihanna has done nose job and reshape nasal into pointier. After the rhinoplasty, her look is more thinner. Although it is a minor surgery, you can see that it is narrower than before. It could be the result of going under the knife. She needed at least 10 times of surgeries before she gets that perfect nose. The first Rihanna nose job was analyzed by a doctor named Rawnsley. He is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles better known as UCLA. Rawnsley’s analysis suggested that the R&B star had a nose job or possibly several nose jobs. Still, she looks better than Miley Cyrus!“I confirm the fact that having performed thousands of rhinoplasty procedures, Rihanna had rhinoplasty. You can see how her nostrils are less bulky, but still ethnically appropriate. The mid-portion of her nose has more linear, and less triangular angles to it. Her tip is narrower, and it has a slight upward tilt,”  Rawnsley wrote. Rawnsley is not the only surgeon to suggest that the nose job is real! Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon with offices in New York revealed to Life & Style Magazine, “It looks like she to had nasal reshaping or rhinoplasty which gives her nose a more refined look,”. This little change made her face even more appealing.

Rihanna breast lift rumors started Rihanna performs her voluptuous breasts in some of her shows. Some captured images show that Rihanna’s boobs are bigger and fuller than before. Thus, some people believe that the black celebrity plastic surgery included boob job. Rihanna herself has not confirmed the rumors. She said that she would consider getting a boob job when her boobs are getting saggy. When you think that Rihanna’s confirmation is not enough, we had better ask some experts in plastic surgery. The expert plastic surgeon Dr. Jerome Wilson quoted that “She appears different now because of rhinoplasty breast lift”. However many dedicated fans do not agree with the breast implant speculations. They believe she had used a push up bra to achieve the effects seen in the pictures above. Overall, Rihanna’s breasts just look natural, fit to her body frame and it cannot show that she has had breast augmentation.

If rumors about the black celebrity plastic surgery is real, she gets more beautiful look. Rihanna plastic surgery was a success as compared to Mary Tyler Moore’s surgery which made her so unnatural with, “a too smooth a face to be natural”. It is rare to see someone who really improved their looks by plastic surgery, but with just a few corrections Rihanna made her appearance very close to perfection.

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