Ashley Horn plastic surgery

Ashley Horn, 18 years old, is the half-blood sister with Lindsay Lohan – daughter of Lindsay’s father: Michael Lohan. In a recent interview with In Touch magazine, Ashley Horn revealed she has done up to 5 plastic surgeries such as nose job, face peel… to make her look like her sister, Lindsay, same father but different mothers.

Ashley Horn admitted that “I had a nose job, face peel, a little intervention to modify slightly the chin and cheeks”

She was her half sister with the “Queen of trouble” and having spent a large amount of $ 25,000 to modify some parts of her face, the hope is like Lindsay Lohan in her heyday.

Ashley Horn is the result of the relationship between Michael LohanLindsay Lohan’s father with another woman Kristi. Ashley just knew she was the daughter of Michael after the DNA test 2 years ago. Recently she and her half sister of the Mean Girls star shared her face after plastic surgery. In Touch magazine, Ashley revealed that she had spent $ 25,000 on surgery. The desire of the 18 years old girl is Lindsay’s radiant beauty while still in her teen period. However, Ashley Horn said she did not want to repeat in the footsteps of Lindsay’s personal life. According to Ashley, she has no intention of seeking a rugby star lover like Lindsay (Lindsay is now dating with the footballer Matt Nordgren).

Ashley had her nose job, cheek and jaw improvement and fat injections in cheeks. With her ​​desire to breed correctly to look like Lindsay, rhinoplasty and chin are necessary. Previously, Ashley was familiar with round face and dimples when smiling. Then after jaw correction surgery, the round face is no longer exists, but instead is V-line face familiar characteristics of the stars.

Previously biggish nose, nose stocky and somewhat broken in the middle, now also edited the nose higher and more slender. The lips may also be injected botox to look plumper and more seductive. Nose job, V-line jaw and lip pump – Ashley is having more than enough to prepare for the trip into showbiz in the future. Boasting new pictures, Ashley also compare her beauty with his half sister: ” I’m hotter than Lindsay, I’m not afraid to say so. But I’m not Lindsay, I did not grow up in that family, I do not alcoholism, drug addiction or whatever party. I want to be a responsible person. “

Lindsay and Ashley have not been linked together. Information sister Lindsay has been authenticated in 2011, after her mother deceived about Michael Lindsay – Mrs. Dina Lohan – back to the past with a woman named Kristi broke. DNA test results show that properly Ashley Horn is the daughter of Michael and Kristi. After that, she had plastic surgery, maybe to celebrate that new! Her surgeon spent 3 hours for 5 things: rhinoplasty, lipoplasty under her neck and jaw line to define her fat thighs to fill out transfers from her cheeks and chin.

In the interview, when asked about it, Lindsay refused to answer and said she did not care about having a relationship with Ashley. Lindsay is already so famous for scandal and bad plastic surgeries. Now add a little sister just the same father but different mothers with her in many respects. Showbiz is preparing to have some fresh air waves!

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