Ashley Greene before and after nose job

Millions of people have loved and remembered Twilight film. Many actresses who played in that film gave unforgettable impression in audience’s memory. One of them is Ashley Greene who toke role as Alice Cullen. Her name has been noticed from many films such as Summer’s Blood, Skateland, and so on…

Ashley Greene was born on February 21, 1987 in Jacksonville. Alice Cullen’s beauty, talent, even fashion style has attracted and persuaded so many people.
The American actress and model Ashley Greene has been suspected to get nose job. Many people believe that her nose has taken advantage for Ashley Greene to get the role for Alice Cullen in Twightlight.

We can’t know for sure has it been the truth? Or just a rumor.
However, Ashley Greene’s nose has actually looked differently from the natural nose shape. Ashley, 26, has a narrow nose and there is a little crush at the tip of her nose. It has looked like the evidences of unsuccessful nose job. There have many people and experts supported the rumor of Ashley Greene’s plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J Aston said “From the photographs I can see, it appears that Ms. Greene has had a rhinoplasty and the tip has been over operated and is asymmetrical.”

Dr. Aston shared the same idea with Dr. Sherrell J Aston and he added Ashley Green should have been able to get an excellent improvement with a secondary rhinoplasty performed by with someone who had a great deal of experience with nasal surgery. Up to now, Ashley Green hasn’t confirmed these rumors yet. And the rumor hasn’t been absolutely right? What do you think of Ashley Greene’s nose job?

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