Apink Oh Ha Young Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumor?

Apink is best known as a popular Korean girl band in recent years. Apink got 6 members, including Park Cho Rong as the leader of the group. Like many other Korean celebrites, Apink was also reported having plastic surgery in order to enhance their look. But it seems, there was only one member that looked natural without any surgery. She is Oh Hayoung (Oh Ha Young).

Apink Oh Ha Young

You have already known that the other Apink members are strongly possible to have plastic surgery so far at least doing double eyelid surgery or nose job (rhinoplasty). Son Naeun looked different after double eyelid surgery and nose job, Park Cho Rong got them as well. Kim Nam Joo, Yoon Bomi and Jung Eunji got double eyelid surgery. How was Oh Hayoung?

Apink Oh Hayong Plastic Surgery Rumor, She is natural

Many people feel doubt if Oh Hayoung got plastic surgery too. If we take a look at her appearance in the young age and her current appearance, we didn’t see any significant change on her face. She had already got big eyes since she was so young. She also still has the same nose like she used to. the change on her body and appearance was caused by the growth.

What do you think of it? did you agree that she is natural?

Despite Korean plastic surgery wave had influenced many Korean stars, but we believed that not all of them doing the same way.

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