Anna and Lucy Decinque plastic surgery

Twin Sisters have plastic surgery to look identical

The twin sisters Anna and Lucy Decinque from Perth, Australia, 30 years old, not only looks the same but also both are spending large sums to perform plastic surgery every single part. After Anna and Lucy Decinque plastic surgery, they became the perfect copies of each other.

At the age of 24, Anna and Lucy Decinque both decided to spend the amount up to 240,800 Australian dollars on breast augmentation surgery, lips and eyebrows tattooed, eyelash transplants to improve their appearance similarity.

In their life, they shared everything together, from work, motorbike, Facebook account to boyfriend. But with them, it is not enough. Hence, they have made plastic surgery just to be identical. Taking about to the weird tastes of the twin sisters, many people are afraid of problems they would be encounter in the future. Especially, when they get married or move out or died. Lucy DeCinque also said that they will not be able to imagine how life would be if they have to live separately.

Referring to  twins Lucy and Anna DeCinque, the most characteristics parts of them were the gigantic and weird lips. It can’t be said that they are failed since the surgeons have changed the original lips but their needs. In fact, it was very difficult to have two identical lips, so they were pumped a lot of Botox into the lips with the aim of creating the most attention of people.

Regarding Anna and Lucy Decinque plastic surgery, Giant boobs were the second characterized attention when mentioning about the twins. If you look at Anna and Lucy Decinque plastic surgery before images, you can see that their boobs are also quite big but not as great as them at present. This strange thing suggested that their breast surgeries were successful beyond their expectations. They not only possess boobs bigger than the past but also people’s attention.

In addition, they also have ​​some other surgeries. Lucy and Anna’s old noses were imperfect points on their faces. The nose was broken in the middle. Aditionally, it is also quite big and short. However, thanks to Anna and Lucy Decinque nose job, their noses were fixed, but still no sign of smaller. Generally speaking, the noses were not been the perfect edited. Moreover, if as before, Lucy and Anna owning a teardrop-shaped eyes but now, after the eyes surgery, they have owned the round and big eyes. They also shaved their eyebrows and have tattooed them with long and thin lines, this is quite suitable with their eyes after the eyelashes transplant of this two young girls.

Twins Lucy and Anna DeCinque, were known as weird sisters who loved to share everything together, even the lover. Reportedly, the 31-year-old mechanic, Ben Byrne, took the hearts of both Lucy and Anna after they have talked on Facebook. Recently, Ben Byrne has shared his story with ‘Woman’s Day’. Ben said, initially, he had difficulty in balancing the emotional relationship between two girlfriends. But shortly after, he also learned how to share feelings. Currently, their love has been lasting for 18 months.  And Ben felt himself was a lucky man because he got the doubled love.

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