After School Uee Plastic Surgery

Korean plastic surgery has become special thing. this beauty shortcut was said as the secret of how the Korean celebrity made their appearance more attractive. You might know the SNSD members like Tiffany, Taeyeon, Im Yoona, etc. They were said having plastic surgery as beauty enhancements. And now we will see After School Uee and the surgery as well. We already discuss about another After School member, Nana. Uee might get the surgery too.

After School Uee Plastic Surgery

Surprisingly the 26 years old lady had already told the media that she got double eyelid surgery.This is uite shocking. She is just one of few celebrities who loved to share their experience with surgery.

double eyelid surgery

The change on her eyes looked pretty obvious. By comparing the picture we can see it easily. she used to have natural narrow eyes like common Korean people. And in the after picture, her eyes looked beautiful, fresh and bigger. Uee had explained about it, she maintained her beauty naturally, but she got her eyes done with surgery.

Uee Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Despite Uee had told that she only did double eyelid surgery so far, the people still assumed a possibility about nose job (rhinoplasty). we believed that most of her fans would deny this. Let’s see the before and after picture.  The picture showed that Uee looked having narrower nose now, while she used to have bigger nose with a more bulbous tip,

How do yous see it? do you think the nose job was not true? what do you think of her new eyes?

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