After School Lizzy Plastic Surgery

We have already known about Nana and Uee After School, that they have gotten plastic surgery enhancement. Now we will talk about Lizzy (Park Soo Young) and her confession about plastic surgery she did. reported by, Lizzy was visited by the “Human Condition 8th episode” (Korean TV Program). At that time, Lizzy stated that she got double eyelid surgery.

How does he look like today?

Lizzy Plastic Surgery

Double eyelid surgery

Lizzy today looked having bigger  and wider eyes. if you see her previous appearance, you might realize what actually happened to her eyes. She used to have narrow eyes (like common Korean people).

Talking about Korean plastic surgery, most of the users got a plastic surgery combo (nose job and double eyelid surgery). They commonly got at least one of the procedures. Some other even did both with another surgery like jaw surgery. You must know Park Min Young of City Hunter? Or Shin Se Kyung? Both actress also got plastic surgery enhancements on their face. And they looked so beautiful.

After School Lizzy Plastic Surgery

Did Lizzy get nose job? It was actually hard to prove. She looked having the same nose like she used to have. Fortunately, the people didn’t need to wait for so long to know about it, because she already confess it herself. Like what Uee had done. Her group-mate, Uee also told the media that she went under double eyelid surgery to make her eyes better.

Lizzy plastic surgery confession is surprising. Not all Korean celebrities wanted to do the same thing like she or Uee did. They chose to hide them. What do you think of it?

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